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Touriga Nacional comes to Chile

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Press Release 26th May 2021 – In an important step for the enrichment of Chile’s viticultural diversity, Sogrape is introducing Touriga Nacional to the Viña Los Boldos’ vine population. After three years in quarantine, the first vine plants of the most renowned Portuguese grape variety were planted by the Portuguese Group in Chile in 2015. With the first fruits harvested, Touriga Nacional wines bearing the Château Los Boldos signature are now ready to conquer wine lovers all over the world.

After Sogrape acquired Viña Los Boldos in 2008, the local team of experts visited Portugal several times, and was impressed by Touriga Nacional’s quality, versatility and potential right away. Not only that, the team noted the similarities between the Dão Region, where the variety has provenance, and Requínoa Region – the Cachapoal Valley Andes region where Viña Los Boldos is located. These parallels suggested that Touriga Nacional could reach its full potential at the company’s vineyards.

Chile represents our third adventure in the New World, and the idea was always to produce high-quality estate wines, with a blend that maximises the potential of Cachapoal’s terroir by using European winemaking techniques”, explained Fernando da Cunha Guedes, President of Sogrape. “By introducing Touriga Nacional to Chile through this investment at Viña Los Boldos, Sogrape is elevating the status of Portugal within international winemaking circles while also promoting diversity and innovation in other wine regions.

SAG (Servicio Agrícola e Ganadero), the official Chilean agricultural services board required three years of strict quarantine before approving the new grapevine variety for commercial production. Finally, in 2015, Viña Los Boldos was able to plant the first batch of Touriga Nacional. The vineyard, a mere 0.22 hectares, was the first on Chilean soil. Today, the company has a total of 2.83 hectares planted of the Portuguese variety Touriga Nacional at the Chilean estate. It has been in full production since 2020 and has given rise to the Château Los Boldos Speciality Series Dry Rosé 2020 and the Château Los Boldos Speciality Series Touriga Nacional 2019.