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New Mélange à 3 Campaign “Go Beyond the Obvious”

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Under the motto ‘Go beyond the Obvious’, Mélange à 3 has  just launched a communication campaign to challenge consumers to go beyond the  conventional, in an invitation to discovery, adventure and experimentation.  

The modernity of Carvalhais transmits a historical pioneer brand with an experimentalist  character. Mélange à 3 is a mixture of ideas, talent, and daring, joined by three grape varieties  – Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro – to obtain an irreverent fun red wine.  

This is also the challenge launched in the new campaign, which kicks off today, and seeks to  reinforce the relaxed positioning of Mélange à 3. “This campaign, which is based on an irreverent  concept aligned with the modern and bold profile of the brand, shows we want to take a step forward in  the positioning of Dão wines,” João Gomes da Silva, Director of Sogrape, said. “Seeking to conquer  new consumers for the brand in an invitation to get to know and try Mélange à 3, we are challenging  people to leave conventions behind in different situations of their daily life, including exchanging a more  predictable wine for the one that may surprise more at a dinner with friends,” he added.  

The new campaign, created by FUEL, will be on the air until 30 November, with a presence in  digital platforms, urban billboards and point of sale, with a contest running simultaneously.  

To participate and be eligible to win one of three Piaggio scooters, challenge two friends for a  photo with Mélange à 3 in a scenario that is “Beyond the Obvious”. Entries must be submitted  on https://premiosparaalemdoobvio.pt/, along with proof of purchase of a bottle of Mélange à  3.

For further details, please contact: 
LIFT Consulting – Helena Rocha