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Legado 2017

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10 Vintages that praise experience and life

Legado was born with the 2008 harvest, celebrating the Douro at its best as a perfect  representation of the region’s terroir. The red wine idealized by Fernando Guedes, in homage  to Sogrape’s roots and the passing of testimony to future generations, is now celebrating 10  vintages. Legado 2017 reminds us of the story that gave rise to a different, symbolic wine, which  praises experience and life.  

Fernando Guedes, who was the President of Sogrape at the time, had long dreamed of a wine that  could express the knowledge and passion of the family business, passed down to him by his father,  and that he could then pass on to the following generations.  

In the stunning setting of Quinta do Caêdo, in Ervedosa do Douro, with its unrivalled pre phylloxera terraces, Fernando Guedes realised the potential of the robustness and timelessness of  its old vines to realise this dream and create an authentic tribute to a sense of time and place.  

Since the first harvest in 2008, Legado has represented a faithful portrait of the Douro. It is the  maximum expression of the 8 hectares of centenary vineyards, where the wine-growing joins  Man’s audacity with animals’ strength, and the manual harvest extends over several stages in  search of the best balance.  

Ten vintages later, Legado 2017 continues this story, as Fernando da Cunha Guedes, son of the  great promoter of this work and current President of Sogrape, points out: “The launch of a new  vintage is always a highly symbolic moment for the memories it awakens. It embodies everything we lived  and learned from my Father, for whom Legado was always more than a wine. His dream of eternalising  experience, knowledge and passion in a bottle is still alive, and it is with great emotion that today we celebrate the 10th harvest of this very special wine for our family”.  

According to Legado’s winemaker, Luís Sottomayor, “2017 was a scorching, dry year when the harvest  began earlier than ever. These conditions were reflected in this vintage, giving it the excellent aromatic  intensity and complexity that characterise it.” This new Legado represents an authentic portrait of the Quinta do Caêdo terroir, remaining true to its style  of elegance, harmony, and longevity, in a wine of extraordinary quality, as the result of ancestral grape  varieties“, Sogrape’s Head of Winemaking, responsible for Douro and Port wines said.