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Become a Winemaker for a Day with ‘My Own Mélange à 3’

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If you ever wished to walk in the shoes of a Winemaker for a day, now you can. Introducing the most recent experience by Mélange à 3, a modern, light- hearted and fun wine that explores the ideal combination between three varieties.

The ‘My Own Mélange à 3’ kit offers the experience of becoming a Winemaker for a day, by creating your own blend of favourite wine at home.

Each set includes three 75 cl bottles, each with a variety comprising the Mélange à 3 wine — Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Alfrocheiro — a glass funnel, a glass beaker, a drop stopping pour spout, two empty 37.5cl bottles with customizable labels and bartop corks. Everything you need to create your own signature Mélange à 3.

Taste it, experiment with different percentages, chose your favourite blend and share it with friends and family.

Mélange à 3 is a true blend of ideas, talent and boldness bolstered with the introduction of this kit, providing a unique experience and a different way of enjoying wine.

The My Own Mélange à 3 kit is available at the www.vinhoemcasa.com website, with a SRP of €40.00.